Parking Lot Repairs For A Better First Impression

You care about how your business looks to your clients and your employees.

That is why you work to make a great first impression from the front entrance to the way everything inside is decorated and furnished. You may not always include your parking lot in this first impression because it is unlikely that you notice it even though you drive over it and park every day.

A parking lot makes more of an impression on clients and visitors than you can imagine. Potholes, cracks or stains can make an otherwise attractive commercial building look unkept. There is something you can do about it. Make sure to get the proper parking lot repairs done as soon as you notice anything that catches your eye.

Left untreated even the most minor oil stain can ruin an asphalt lot. It may cause it to crack, which in turn leads to holes which are not just ugly to look at and they can also pose hazards for people. A person could trip over the pothole and injure themselves which is exactly what happened to one of Northern Virginia Asphalt Paving & Sealcoating customers’ before they’ve inquired about having the issue repaired and the pothole filled. It ended up in a settlement for damage, but had potential for a lawsuit! Do not let this happen to your clients, customers, employees or you, take a look at your lot now and assess what needs to be done for it.

Stains are among the most common damage that occur to any lot. Vehicles that are parked and sit for hours may drip oil onto the surface creating embedded stains. Antifreeze, brake fluid and transmission fluid are common culprits when it comes to vehicle stains. Mulch or leaves also stain concrete or asphalt, so if your lot has lots of trees around it this can be a problem.

Cracks and potholes are more serious. These should be addressed immediately because of the possibility of someone slipping or falling. They also invite pests to the property which can cause even more problems.

There are several options for repairing a parking lot or even a driveway before you need to worry about resurfacing it. If there are a few potholes or cracks, opt for spot repair refills. Another option for a drive or parking lot riddled with stains is to do an asphalt overlay.

The first layer is stripped away and then another layer of asphalt is applied. A sealcoat covers it which allows the lot to last up to another 10 years. This is a great investment for any business because this repair instantly increases the appeal of your entire facility.

If the lot is seriously damaged and has many potholes or cracks which are obvious upon first sight, a complete repaving may be necessary. If you are uncertain about this, talk to a paving contractor for more information.

Here’s what a resurfaced driveway might look like after a year of wear and tear:

Once you determine that this is the best repair, you can make a choice about the surface. There are several options from custom asphalt mixes to porous asphalt.

There are plenty of options when it comes to repairs and repaving. If you need help deciding which is best for your lot, a local repaving expert will be happy to help. Parking lot repairs are often quick, relatively inexpensive and they last. Additionally, they make a business give off a terrific first impression.

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